Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deal: Battlestar Galactica 56% Off!

Source: Amazon.com

Frak yeah!

For those of you waiting to pick up the SciFi Channel's bold re-imagining of the 1970's TV series Battlestar Galactica on Blu-ray now me be the time to open up your wallets.

Amazon.com is running an amazing deal on Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series through August 7th. For $133 (Over half off!) you will get the BSG 3-hour mini-series, all 4 seasons of the show (75 episodes full of frying toasters!) plus Battlestar Galactica: The Plan which recaps the story from the Cylon's point of view.

This is the cheapest Battlestar Galactica has ever been, and it is definitely worth checking out the political/SciFi thriller. I loved this series (can you tell?) and man I am seriously considering picking this bad boy up!

"So say we all!"

Get Him to the Greek in September

Source: HighDef Disc News

The hilarious follow-up to 2008's Forgetting Sarah Marshall is rocking its way into your living rooms September 28th.

Let me set the scene for those of you who didn't catch one of the funniest movies of the year, or just think you are a rock star and due to your binge drinking/drug habit your memory isn't what it used to be ...

Get Him to the Greek revolves around the life and times of Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) a burnt out dying breed of rock star, but his biggest fan who is also an aspiring music producer (Jonah Hill) makes it his mission to get Snow back to The Greek Theatre in L.A. from London in under 3 days for possibly the greatest anniversary show to happen to Rock'n'Roll ... ever.

If they make it there that is.

Get Him to the Greek has three ways to rock: 1-Disc DVD, 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray release. The extras you get depend on which option you go with and the 1-Disc DVD seems to be just a bare bones release with no extras, but the collector's edition DVD and Blu-ray are jam-packed with goodness!

Extras for 2-Disc DVD and Blu-ray Include:

  • Gag Reel
  • Line-O-Rama
  • Blind Medicine: A promo for Sarah Marshall’s new TV series
  • Feature Commentary with director Nicholas Stoller, cast members Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss and producer Rodney Rothman
  • Getting To Get Him to The Greek Documentary
  • Getting In Tune With The Greek Documentary
  • The Making Of “African Child” Documentary
  • Five Complete Music Videos featuring Aldous Snow, Infant Sorrow and Jackie Q
  • Musical Performances from Infant Sorrow’s triumphant 1999 Greek Theater Concert and 2009 Comeback Concert, plus a peek at their infamous World Tour and the 2002 London Concert.
  • Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes including an Alternate Intro and Ending
  • Digital Copy

Blu-ray Exclusive Extras:

  • More Additional and Extended Scenes
  • Musical performances from The Today Show and VH-1 Storytellers
  • Karaoke - Sing along to 15 Outrageous Songs
  • The Actual Auditions that landed Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Nick Kroll, Aziz Ansari and T.J. Miller their roles
  • Instant access to stream a bonus movie by choosing one of three hilarious comedies: Uncle Buck, Dazed and Confused or Life

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary

Source: HighDef Disc News

"I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey."

Fox Studios may be celebrating its 75th year in the movie biz, but it just so happens on of their films is also celebrating an anniversary!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show turns 35 years old, and to celebrate this comedy/rock opera cult classic Fox is releasing a fully restored Blu-ray overflowing with bonus materials.

And the kicker? The Rocky Horror hits shelves October 19th, just in time for your Halloween party! So dig that old Dr. Fank-N-Furter costume and the lady friends make-up!

I refuse to apologize for the following pic ... it is obligatory:

Rocky Horror Extras Include:
  • The Midnight Experience: The Late Night, Double Feature, Picture-in-Picture Show, Vintage Callback Track (Unrated), Prop Box, All New Trivia Track
  • Audio Commentary by Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn
  • Rocky-oke: Like the song? Now sing It!
  • Don't Dream It, Be It: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast, Part I
  • An-tic-i-pation: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast, Part II
  • Mick Rock (A Photographer)
  • Mick Rock's Picture Show Gallery
  • Pressbook and Poster Gallery
  • Deleted Musical Scenes and Outtakes
  • Alternate Credit Ending and Misprint Ending
  • Rocky Horror Double Feature Video Show Beacon Theater, New York City
  • "Time Warp" Music Video

Fine I
do apologize if I offended your eyesight with a transsexual Tim Curry.