Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Webcam Tonight!

Source: ABC

Prepare for a classic example of the age old adage of "The show must go on!"

A disaster of less than epic, but still pretty bad, proportions struck the set of Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show yesterday when they were supposed to tape tonight's episode.

The power went out.

If there is one thing necessary to record a TV show it is electricity, electricity followed by a working camera. They had no electricity but they found a camera, a webcam to be exact.

Tonight’s low tech episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs at 12:05 on ABC and was shot entirely by webcam via Kimmel's personal laptop. Everything from the monologue, to the interviews (Including The Green Hornet himself: Seth Rogen!) and even a musical performance by Dierks Bentley.

In all honesty I haven't followed late night since the Conapocalypse, but I am intrigued by both this novelty of watching a late night talk show filmed entirely by webcam and Jimmy Kimmel's MacGuyveresque abilities.

If you are curious on how this whole mess turned into something potentially amazing tune in if you aren't sleeping, I sure as hell am!

TRON Out Your Gaming

Source: Gizmodo

Want to show off how geeky and tech savvy you are to your friends and family? Disney is giving you the opportunity by releasing various TRON themed home theater accessories this fall in anticipation for the upcoming sequel TRON: Legacy and the tie-in video game.


Get ready to salivate, there are going to be gaming controllers such as the Xbox one above along with of course PS3 and Wii flavors. For you computer gamers there is a slick looking mouse, but for me the coolest TRON gadget is the keyboard:


And so you can listen to some bumping tunes as you light cycle across a neon landscape check out the sick iPhone/iPod dock disguised as a light disc:


TRON: Legacy could suck all kinds of bad as long as they keep pumping out this kick ass merchandise. But from what I have seen it only sucks awesome and spews it back onto you!


Johnny Handsome Blu in July

Source: Blu-ray.com

Remember when Mickey Rourke's face hadn't been obliterated by a boxing career?

Yeah, I know it has been awhile, but in 1989 his nose still hadn't been broken and he was in a gangster revenge flick called Johnny Handsome. He played the titular role Johnny, and consequently was handsome. Don't believe me? Well, you can see it for yourself on July 27th.

But Johnny wasn't always handsome; in fact he was a grotesquely deformed bank robber that got caught. While in prison though he gets goes through rehabilitation for a chance at a new life and a new face (Probably, courtesy of our tax dollars ...) and leaves the joint a changed man in a more literal sense than most. Once he is back out on the streets of New Orleans though Johnny continues with his plot for revenge against those that got him nabbed in the first place while trying to hide his true intentions from a detective, Morgan Freeman; that thinks a new face won't be enough to kill off old habits.

Extras Include:

  • Noir In Nawlins: In-depth look at the cinematography of Johnny Handsome
  • Double-Crosser: Interview with actor Lance Henriksen
  • Dark Notes: The music of Johnny Handsome