Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TRON Out Your Gaming

Source: Gizmodo

Want to show off how geeky and tech savvy you are to your friends and family? Disney is giving you the opportunity by releasing various TRON themed home theater accessories this fall in anticipation for the upcoming sequel TRON: Legacy and the tie-in video game.


Get ready to salivate, there are going to be gaming controllers such as the Xbox one above along with of course PS3 and Wii flavors. For you computer gamers there is a slick looking mouse, but for me the coolest TRON gadget is the keyboard:


And so you can listen to some bumping tunes as you light cycle across a neon landscape check out the sick iPhone/iPod dock disguised as a light disc:


TRON: Legacy could suck all kinds of bad as long as they keep pumping out this kick ass merchandise. But from what I have seen it only sucks awesome and spews it back onto you!


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