Friday, June 18, 2010

Buy Solar, Get Free Boom-Stick!

Source: The Consumerist

You got to ask yourself one question; do you want to invest in solar power? Well, do you, punk?!

Question: What is more rewarding than investing in green energy?

Answer: Getting a free freaking gun!

In a world where traditional energy sources are becoming scarce solar energy may be the answer. But if being responsible early adapter isn’t enough incentive for you California and Colorado based Bland Solar and Air Inc. have an extra reward that is sure to come in handy in sustaining (or ending) life by way of a gun.

For every Bland customer who purchases a big enough solar system a $400 gun voucher is theirs! (I guess if you want to be lame you can opt out of the gun option you can just go for the $400 rebate, but free gun is so much more badass!)

This is ingenious business plan that could be incorporated everywhere to increase the speed of energy source adaption. Buy a hybrid car, get a Winchester repeater on the house! Buy energy efficient light bulbs, receive free set of throwing knifes! Build a windmill and enjoy your RPG gratis!

I am telling you, if more energy companies incorporated this America would become more energy efficient faster than it takes you to say, “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

E3: Nintendo 3DS Not For Young Children?

Source: Kotaku

So when you think of Nintendo users who do you think of first?

Children of course!

Especially when you think of Game Boys and other handhelds kids are definitely the target demographic. But now the Nintendo 3D handheld 3DS, due out by the end of next March, is going through some serious safety tests right now. The conclusion this far is that young children should not look at 3D images.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say on the matter, “We will recommend that very young children not look at 3D images. That's because, [in] young children, the muscles for the eyes are not fully formed... This is the same messaging that the industry is putting out with 3D movies, so it is a standard protocol.”

This seems to be a standard way of covering themselves from any liability issues that may arise, and it should not be a problem for most gamers. Such as the lucky ones that got a chance to try out the 3DS at the Nintendo E3 booth, who only got sick of waiting in the ridiculously long lines and not from playing with the 3DS itself.

I suppose just like all of the finer things in life 3D should be enjoyed in moderation, so try not to go on a 5 hour bender that only stops when your retinas start bleeding … unless you are hardcore!

WTFriday?! - God Damned Batman Tweets!

Source: Twitter
So I messed up guys, two Fridays ago I promised a new running feature, one Friday ago it did not happen. I have failed something fierce but hopefully this awesomeness I am about to share with you can make up for the err of my ways ... hopefully.

There are tons of celebrities that now use Twitter for their own self aggrandizement (See Ashton Kutcher, Jim Carrey and formerly John Mayer) which is totally fine, because there are people who care about how big of a deuce you just laid or how amazing that bran muffin was, I just ain't one of them.

Now there are celebrities that Tweet responsibly and effectively, like Conan O'Brien who launched a nationwide sellout tour with one blurb, and then there are people that everyone should follow on Twitter.

Upon reviewing some of the Dark Knights daily tweets we come to the realization that he is a dick, and not just in the detective sense of the word. But that is OK, because he has embraced that and made it work for him and his nocturnal crime-fighting escapades.

He gives us profound insight into many things that should concern us all. Such as:
  • Cinema: "Saw the A-Team. Would've been better if instead of a 'team' it was one man. Dressed like a bat. Who drives a stealth tank."
  • Sports: "I'm not saying these World Cup guys aren't in shape, I'd just like to see them play in 50lbs of body armor with limited head motion."
  • And of course; Fighting Crime: "If the Joker is a dog chasing cars, I'm the a**hole driving the car who suddenly throws it in reverse."

I will allow you to peruse the rest at your leisure. No, I do not have a Twitter account, but upon discovering The Batman's profile I am seriously considering getting one.