Friday, June 18, 2010

Buy Solar, Get Free Boom-Stick!

Source: The Consumerist

You got to ask yourself one question; do you want to invest in solar power? Well, do you, punk?!

Question: What is more rewarding than investing in green energy?

Answer: Getting a free freaking gun!

In a world where traditional energy sources are becoming scarce solar energy may be the answer. But if being responsible early adapter isn’t enough incentive for you California and Colorado based Bland Solar and Air Inc. have an extra reward that is sure to come in handy in sustaining (or ending) life by way of a gun.

For every Bland customer who purchases a big enough solar system a $400 gun voucher is theirs! (I guess if you want to be lame you can opt out of the gun option you can just go for the $400 rebate, but free gun is so much more badass!)

This is ingenious business plan that could be incorporated everywhere to increase the speed of energy source adaption. Buy a hybrid car, get a Winchester repeater on the house! Buy energy efficient light bulbs, receive free set of throwing knifes! Build a windmill and enjoy your RPG gratis!

I am telling you, if more energy companies incorporated this America would become more energy efficient faster than it takes you to say, “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

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