Thursday, June 3, 2010

Redbox Blu-rays

Source: Home Media Magazine

Redbox president Mitch Lowe gave a speech today in which he outlined future plans for the kiosk rental company. A big part of that plan is for Blu-rays to be available at Redbox locations.

While renting a DVD from Redbox will run you $1 a night a Blu-ray will cost you a little bit more. At $1.50 a night you will be able to rent a Blu-ray, and over the next few months expect to start seeing some added to your local kiosks.

This decision to add Blu-rays was based on the 17% of Redbox customers that are supposed to have Blu-ray players. As the number of Blu-ray player owners grows it is the next obvious step for the successful rental company, and they hope that by adding Blu-rays to their catalog they will facilitate even greater growth for the Blu-ray format.

Do you guys use Redbox much? I never have but that is because I have recently hopped aboard the Netflix bandwagon. But I feel that $1.50 a night for a Blu-ray is pretty reasonable, would you use this service?

Batman: Under the Red Hood in July


Batman is back in another animated feature that hits shelves on July 27th on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Batman: Under the Red Hood pits the Dark Knight against another mysterious vigilante who may be as efficient as the Batman but does not hold himself to the same strict ethical scruples. Batman is resolves that he must bring down Red Hood in what may prove to be the Caped Crusader's most challenging adversary yet.

The voice talent in this animated adventure is pretty amazing as well with the likes of Neil Patrick Harris along with Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike, Star Trek) voicing Batman. If that wasn't enough this release comes with a bounty of extras sure to delight the detective in you.

Blu-ray and Special Edition DVD Extras Include:

  • Digital Copy of Batman: Under the Red Hood
  • Featurette: Robin's Requiem: The Tale of Jason Todd
  • Two bonus episodes from the first season of Batman: The Animated Series hand picked by creator/artist Bruce Timm
  • A 10 minute sneak peek at the next DC project
  • DC Showcase: Jonah Hex animated short about the bounty hunter that always gets his man.

DVD Extras Include:

  • A 10 minute sneak peek at the next DC project

Universal Blu's in September


Two new Blu-rays from Universal's back catalog have just been announced for release on September 7th. First is 2006's The Black Dahlia, directed by Brian De Palma, and second is 2005's The Skeleton Key, directed by Iain Softley.

The Black Dahlia revolves around the 1947 murder, in Hollywoodland, of a young star under mysterious circumstances. This brutal slaying led to an investigation for the truth and even though almost 60 people confessed to the murder the case remains unsolved to this day.

That is the true story of The Black Dahlia and on September 7th you will get to see the fictionalized version of this murder mystery on Blu-ray. This movie has a solid cast starring Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart as the investigators with Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank as the love interests and was even nominated for an academy award for cinematography.

Extras Include:

  • Reality and Fiction: The Story of the Black Dahlia
  • The Case File
  • The De Palma Touch Presented by Volkswagon

The Skeleton Key takes us down to the bayous of New Orleans for some supernatural spookery. The longer a Hospice nurse, played by Kate Hudson, spends on an isolated plantation house of one of her clients, John Hurt, the more inexplicable things happen all revolving around the ancient practices and rites of Hoodoo.

No special features have been announced for The Skeleton Key yet so stay posted.

Highlander Season 2


"There can only be one ..."

It is true that there can only be one Highlander, but multiple seasons are apparently kosher as the second season of Highlander, originally set for an April release, will be available exclusively through the specialty website on Blu-ray in late July.

A unique and interesting addition that may have delayed the Blu-ray release is present in the special features. A few fan-made extras have surfaced, including fan commentaries, discussions and documentaries. I really dig that fan-made extra features are even present on a Blu-ray release, and I really hope to see more along these lines in future larger releases.

So if you like to watch immortals battle across eternity, fancy Scottish accents or love to support fellow fans the Highlander Season 2 Blu-rays might be right up your alley.

Extras Include:

  • Documentary: Season of Change
  • Photo Gallery
  • Picture-in-Picture Commentaries with star Adrian Paul
  • BD Touch remote for iPhone and iPod Touch

Fan-Made Extras:

  • Fans talk about Highlander
  • Fan created documentaries
  • Fan created PiP Commentaries