Thursday, June 3, 2010

Redbox Blu-rays

Source: Home Media Magazine

Redbox president Mitch Lowe gave a speech today in which he outlined future plans for the kiosk rental company. A big part of that plan is for Blu-rays to be available at Redbox locations.

While renting a DVD from Redbox will run you $1 a night a Blu-ray will cost you a little bit more. At $1.50 a night you will be able to rent a Blu-ray, and over the next few months expect to start seeing some added to your local kiosks.

This decision to add Blu-rays was based on the 17% of Redbox customers that are supposed to have Blu-ray players. As the number of Blu-ray player owners grows it is the next obvious step for the successful rental company, and they hope that by adding Blu-rays to their catalog they will facilitate even greater growth for the Blu-ray format.

Do you guys use Redbox much? I never have but that is because I have recently hopped aboard the Netflix bandwagon. But I feel that $1.50 a night for a Blu-ray is pretty reasonable, would you use this service?

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