Thursday, May 6, 2010

Warner Bros: DVD2BLU


Warner Brothers seems to have a kind heart, and want everyone to get the best viewing experience out of their films. They have just started an exchange your DVD for a shiny new Blu-ray program dubbed "DVD2BLU".

They have 91 Blu-rays, spanning decades of the Warner Brother's library, in the catalog and you can choose up to 25 of them to upgrade from your DVD collection. The cost of the upgrade is minimal, to say the least, starting at just $4.95 per title. And to top off this deal if your total is over $35 shipping is free!

To participate simply go here and start selecting the Warner Brother titles that you wish to exchange for a Blu-ray and follow the instructions. You will need to send in the DVD copy of the movie, but you will receive the Blu-ray in the mail in response. Don't let this opportunity to beef up or jump start your Blu-ray collection pass you by!

I am pretty stoked about this deal personally. I have been meaning to upgrade my DVDs of KISS KISS, BANG BANG and THE WEDDING SINGER for awhile and now I have the means to make that happen!

Time Bandits on Blu-ray

Source: Hi-Def Digest

Image Entertainment has just announced that it is releasing Terry Gilliam's 1981 fantastical adventure TIME BANDITS on Blu-ray. Slated for a summer release, August 24th, you will be able to experience the time-hopping adventure right alongside Kevin and his vertically challenged cohorts.

Spawned from the minds of Monty Python alumni Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam and starring the likes of John Cleese as a blissfully oblivious Robin Hood and Sir Sean Connery as a Minotaur slayer it is a classic. It is hard to not be entertained by this masterfully woven story.

This Blu-ray release includes:

  • Interview with director Terry Gilliam
  • Original theatrical trailer