Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Human Hamster Ball = Virtual Reality

Source: Popular Science

If somebody was to ask me what the next big step in gaming would be after 3D I would probably laugh you out of the room if you suggested virtual reality, that is so 1992.

But that isn't stopping some people from trying to push the proverbial hamster ball up the hill of progress as the 360 degree simulator previously only available for military and police training is going to be available for public consumption, sort of but they cleverly hide the actual price which is most likely considerable.

Pictured: The Future of Gaming ... don't mind Hamster Rambo (Hambo!)

Virtusphere, as it is dubbed, is exactly what it looks like. It is a large ball that spins around giving the hams- PLAYER a truly realistic experience, virtually of course. Right now, when equipped with the visor, you have the option to play a first person shooter game, go on a tour of Russian architecture or goof around on Google Earth (Personally, I would just pretend I was King Kong in downtown Manhattan).

While you may not personally be in the market for a human hamster gaming ball don't be surprised to see these start popping up around malls and fairs in the near future. After all virtual reality is so 2011!

DC Comics Goes Digital

Source: Kotaku

DC now stands for two things "Detective Comics" and now "Digital Comics" since they finally joined the digital comic’s movement. Like Marvel, Dark Horse and Image before them DC, the last major comics company holding out on digital comics, has realized that comic book readers and people that like technology are usually the same people.

The home of such iconic characters such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, DC Comics should have no trouble finding people who own iPads, iPhones and even the Sony PSP that want their comic fix without the paper cuts.

Each digital issue will cost you at most right now $2.99, and there are also many free comics. There is already a sizable catalog to choose from and even free previews to upcoming issues such as the milestone Superman#700. PSP digital comics can be found right on the Playstation Store while iPad and iPhone users will need to download the slick new DC Comics App.

Now all of the major comic companies have gone digital, and while buying your comics digitally does have its shortcomings (delays in release, no satisfying ink on your fingertips) it can only improve from here.

Do any of you read your comics digitally? I think it is perfect for something like the iPad, but the PSP and iPhone seem a little on the small side to make it worth my while.

Human Target in September


I am going to be completely honest, when I saw the previews of the Fox show Human Target I was very skeptical (in my defense they were doing a barrel roll in a 747). Turns out my skepticism was unfounded because when I decided to give it a try I loved the hell out of it!

The first season of Human Target is getting a DVD and Blu-ray release September 21st. For those of you that may have missed the first season the show is based off of the DC comic by the same name and is about a badass dude that goes by the name Christopher Chance, played perfectly by Mark Valley (The 4400).

Chance will put himself in harms way to protect his clients and explosions and gunplay often ensue. He doesn't go it alone though as he has a surly ex-cop partner named Laverne, but don't you dare make fun of his name. Chance also has loyal friend, played Jackie Earle Haley, who finishes off the team as a sarcastic hacker that won't think twice about shooting you in the back.

Just good television, and contrary to Fox's usual M.O. the series has actually been renewed for a second season.

Extras Include:

  • Two Featurettes: Confidential Informant and Movie-sized Action on Television
  • Pilot Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel