Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Human Hamster Ball = Virtual Reality

Source: Popular Science

If somebody was to ask me what the next big step in gaming would be after 3D I would probably laugh you out of the room if you suggested virtual reality, that is so 1992.

But that isn't stopping some people from trying to push the proverbial hamster ball up the hill of progress as the 360 degree simulator previously only available for military and police training is going to be available for public consumption, sort of but they cleverly hide the actual price which is most likely considerable.

Pictured: The Future of Gaming ... don't mind Hamster Rambo (Hambo!)

Virtusphere, as it is dubbed, is exactly what it looks like. It is a large ball that spins around giving the hams- PLAYER a truly realistic experience, virtually of course. Right now, when equipped with the visor, you have the option to play a first person shooter game, go on a tour of Russian architecture or goof around on Google Earth (Personally, I would just pretend I was King Kong in downtown Manhattan).

While you may not personally be in the market for a human hamster gaming ball don't be surprised to see these start popping up around malls and fairs in the near future. After all virtual reality is so 2011!

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