Monday, April 26, 2010

Southland Resurrected

Mark this day in your collective memories people, this is one of those rare occasions where a great TV show gets a second chance.

Southland is a a gritty cop drama with borderline comedic censorship. NBC gave the show one season to woo the viewers with the dark drama and even filmed a second, but maybe network TV was not the appropriate home for such a series. NBC didn't feel that way and cancelled the show faster than a Fox executive with a Joss Whedon property.

Here is where the unlikely happens. TNT saw potential in the series and got rights to re-air the first season and air the never before seen second season. And the fans responded and TNT could not be more pleased to announce that they will be producing a ten episode third season of the visceral drama.

I think Michael Wright of TNT summed it up best, Southland is a challenging, visceral show that engages viewers with its immersive style, provocative storylines and complex characters. These qualities have made Southland a favorite among critics and appointment viewing for an extremely loyal audience.”

I encourage supporting the second chance of Southland, it is deserving of at least that much. If for no other reason you should support Southland to prove to network executives that good TV is hard to come by and it deserves a timeslot.