Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Blockbuster Is In Trouble

Source: Gizmodo

This, my friends, is a direct quote from the mouth of Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes ... hold on to your pants:

"I don't have to figure out how to get it from my Nintendo machine to the screen. I know I can do it, but I don't want to - it makes my head hurt to think about it."


Mr. Keyes up there is of course referring the complex act of inserting the Netflix disc into a Wii and the apparent headache that the entire process induces. If I had stock in Blockbuster I probably wouldn't for much longer. That above quote may be excusable for, say, my grandmother to utter but a CEO of a company that specializes in video rentals?

This actually explains a lot about Blockbuster and how it hasn't exactly been proactive in competing with online streaming services like Netflix. Blockbuster recently pulled off something of a media embargo and has exclusive rights for 28 days on new releases, but that is far from enough to keep them competitive in the rental market.

Yes it is true, Blockbuster now has a mailing service similar to Netflix and has a kiosk system similar to Redbox but it apparently has no plans to go digital as this candid interview with Jim Keyes proves.

CEO Jim Keyes is obviously a firm believer in the old school rental train of thought, he has had to be, and while I still feel that going and renting a hard copy of a flick still has its place it is by no means the most convenient method. Blockbuster needs to do something drastic if it is going to survive this new age of instant gratification, streaming is the future and it is time for the people like Mr. Keyes who run the company to come to terms with this fact.

G.I. Joe: The Movie in July

Source: MovieWeb

"Yo, Joe!"

July 27th will see the final chapter in the 1980's G.I. Joe cartoon series on both Blu-ray and a newer special collector's DVD release.

G.I. Joe: The Movie portrays the final conflicts between our favorite real American heroes against the sinister forces of COBRA. Red and blue lasers will fly as a new group of rough and ready Joe rookies look for ways to prove themselves to the battle hardened veterans on the team.

Knowing may be half the battle, but the other half is extras!

Extras Include:

  • Audio Commentary with Story Consultant Buzz Dixon
  • The Final 8 "Knowing Is Half The Battle" Public Service Announcements that weren't on the previously released DVD Box Set
  • Original Printable Screenplay
  • Art Gallery

I remember making my mom rent this movie for me on multiple occasions ... I am sure Blockbuster would kill for that kind of return customer now.

For your viewing pleasure I present to you the G.I. Joe PSA's ... completely unaltered, completely.

Shogun Assassin in August

Source: Blu-ray.com

It is nice to see smaller studios starting to release their own Blu-rays, especially when the films are so awesome.

Shogun Assassin: 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition is actually two Japanese films condensed and re-released into one samurai slash-fest. The classic American version of the film is actually the first two segments of the popular Lone Wolf and Cub series and is a must own for any fan of Japanese cinema.

The independent studio AnimEigo is starting off their Blu-ray catalog the right way with an August 24th release of the classic tale of a ronin turned Japan's deadliest assassin who is known only by his ominous name: Lone Wolf.

Extras Include:

  • Audio Commentary with producer David Weisman, illustrator Jim Evans and actor Gibran Evans (the English voice of Daigoro)
  • An interview with Samuel L. Jackson, about his love for Shogun Assassin and samurai in general, shot specifically for this release.

For those of you playing at home, Shogun Assassin is the movie that is being watched toward the end of Kill Bill: Volume II.