Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3: Goldeneye Is Back!

Source: Kotaku

Damn it ... I am going to have to finally buy a Wii because the greatest video game of all time (no hyperbole necessary) is coming back.

Goldeneye was the video game of my childhood. I did not own an N64 (I was still rocking the NES!) but looking back I almost feel sorry for the friends I mooched off of for untold countless hours of Mountain Dew fueled deathmatches.

Enough of the nostalgia! Time to get into some details:

  • Goldeneye will exclusively be for the Wii.
  • It comes out sometime in November.
  • The game will feature 8 classic Bond playable characters. (Yes, Oddjob is one of them for you d-bags out there.)
  • It will have both classic split-screen and online multiplayer and it looks like the original single player campaign is back.
  • There will be 16 game modes including such classics including; Paintball, Melee Only and You Only Live Twice

And here is the kicker: Pierce Brosnan’s Bond has been replaced by Daniel Craig!

This does not make up for the disorder in MGM that has delayed the next 007 adventure from hitting the big screen anytime soon, but it sure doesn't hurt!

If you can stop dancing around from childish ecstasy for a moment you can check out the E3 teaser for Goldeneye yourself:

What other classic games would you guys like to see get re-released, if any? I was going to say NBA Jams, but apparently that too is on the way! BOOM-Shakka-lakka!

Best Buy Will Sell Used Games

Source: Home Media Magazine

It is a good feeling when you are searching for that new game and then finding yourself a used copy of that game at a reduced price. Best Buy wants to foster that warm feeling of victory by beginning to trade and carry used games later this summer.

Gamers will be able to exchange their old games for Best Buy gift cards, which many of them will surely turn around and buy more used games with. It is a proven business model that keeps the traders mostly happy for getting something for their old games, the buys enjoy a price cut and Best Buy will get a slice of that sweet repackaged profit.

Best Buy may have some other changes on the horizon, but having another place to browse used games is so far the one that intrigues me the most. I love me a good deal!

Paramount Teams With Redbox


Recently Blockbuster had made a deal with several major studios for the exclusive right to rent out their movies for 28 days competition free. This was an attempt to remain competitive in a rental market that is quickly making going to the store for your flick fix obsolete.

Paramount Studios has decided to not to support the the 28 day rental delay for new releases and has, after a trial period, decided to allow it's new releases on both DVD and Blu-ray to appear in Redbox kiosks the same day the movies hit the shelves in Blockbuster.

They are only one among many studios (including Disney, Sony and Anchor Bay) that have realized that Blockbuster is only one of many ways people rent their movies and have taken measures to ensure that their movies get the widest audience possible. And while Paramount has decided to not support Blockbuster with 28 day exclusive rights to their new releases a few notable studios have, such as Fox, Universal and Warner.

Choice is always good and while I still never have used Redbox, I sure can see the appeal. Who are you siding with in this battle for rental control? Do you even really care as long as you can still rent movies?