Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3: Goldeneye Is Back!

Source: Kotaku

Damn it ... I am going to have to finally buy a Wii because the greatest video game of all time (no hyperbole necessary) is coming back.

Goldeneye was the video game of my childhood. I did not own an N64 (I was still rocking the NES!) but looking back I almost feel sorry for the friends I mooched off of for untold countless hours of Mountain Dew fueled deathmatches.

Enough of the nostalgia! Time to get into some details:

  • Goldeneye will exclusively be for the Wii.
  • It comes out sometime in November.
  • The game will feature 8 classic Bond playable characters. (Yes, Oddjob is one of them for you d-bags out there.)
  • It will have both classic split-screen and online multiplayer and it looks like the original single player campaign is back.
  • There will be 16 game modes including such classics including; Paintball, Melee Only and You Only Live Twice

And here is the kicker: Pierce Brosnan’s Bond has been replaced by Daniel Craig!

This does not make up for the disorder in MGM that has delayed the next 007 adventure from hitting the big screen anytime soon, but it sure doesn't hurt!

If you can stop dancing around from childish ecstasy for a moment you can check out the E3 teaser for Goldeneye yourself:

What other classic games would you guys like to see get re-released, if any? I was going to say NBA Jams, but apparently that too is on the way! BOOM-Shakka-lakka!


  1. Haha, for sure! I just hope they bring back DK Head mode, I always loved that!


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