Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MacGyver: The TV Movies

Source: DVDTown.com

With all the hoopla over MacGruber it is easy to sweep the source material under the carpet.

To remind you of how badass a guy armed with a paper clip, staple gun and that foil that covers that stick of gum can be CBS Home Entertainment is releasing MacGyver: The TV Movies that followed the shows finale in 1994 in a DVD double feature.

On June 15th you will get to see a bemulleted Richard Dean Anderson improvise his way through two separate adventures!

First, in The Lost Treasure of Atlantis, MacGyver aids an archaeologist in finding and securing the treasure of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. The second and final MacGyver adventure, Trail of Doomsday, follows our hero when while investigating the death of a close friend unravels a worldwide conspiracy that puts his problem solving skills to the ultimate test.

I have fond memories of MacGyver, it was one of the few TV shows I can remember my dad ever watching when I was a kid. It may have led to my compulsion for making bomb defusing kits out of toothpicks and duct tape. We didn't have money for brand name tools like this:

Survival of the Dead: Ultimate Undead Edition

Source: High-Def Digest

Zombie movie auteur George A. Romero is at it again with his sixth installment in the genre that he mastered. Be sure you keep your brains protected and be prepared for Survival of the Dead: Ultimate Undead Edition which will be available August 24th on Blu-ray.

Survival of the Dead is about what you should expect it to be, plenty of zombies and power hungry humans trying to get a leg up on those around them. Hilarity ensues, is hilarity the right word?

While this release comes with the words "Ultimate Edition" there is no word on what makes it so special in the way of extras. If you can survive the Zombocalypse long enough details and official cover art should be on the way.

JoBlo's own Jim Law shared his thoughts on Survival of the Dead over on the JoBlo Podcast if you are looking for a brutally honest opinion.