Friday, July 2, 2010

WTFriday?! - Cardboard Warfare

If war wasn't hell before now you have to worry about papercuts!

This short film a serious amount of dedication, more than you would think that could possibly go into a cardboard gun shootout:
  • 254 program crashes
  • 427 manual frames to rotoscope
  • 59 layers of sound effects
  • a BUTTLOAD of cardboard and box cutters
The result speaks for itself however, and I can't help but to just be in awe. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Dish Network $1 Movies

Source: Home Media Magazine

The satellite television provider Dish Network has a pretty amazing deal for on demand movie rentals.

Typically new video on demand movies will cost you $3.99 but through July 7th select new releases will only cost you 99¢. Not only is the price right but there are some pretty decent flicks to choose from including She's Out of My League, Alice In Wonderland, Green Zone and Hot Tub Time Machine. After ordering the movies are available for viewing a full day, just in case you missed it the first time around for some reason. On top of that all of these VOD movies are available in standard and 1080p high definition (for no extra charge!) depending on the quality of your TV.

So if you Dish subscribers aren't to busy trying to lose a limb in some amateur pyrotechnic display, or the weather is just being crappy, for less than a dollar you have a pleasant alternative.

Paper Man in September

Source: HighDef Disc News

What if you had an imaginary friend who was a superhero?

Cool right?

Well what if that superhero was played by Ryan Reynolds and you were Jeff Daniels?

Yup, I think this just got awesome!

Paper Man sees a writer (Daniels) suffering some severe writers block and the one true friend he could always rely on Captain Excellent (Reynolds) is only in his head. But he finds his first real life friend in a 17 year old (Emma Stone) he hires as a babysitter, although he has no kids. Over time their quirky friendship leads to some personal epiphanies and lots of origami.

Paper Man is an indie film that saw limited release last year. Don't worry if you missed it and it seems like your kind of flick seeing as you will be able to pick it up September 14th on DVD and Blu-ray. No word yet on special features, so stay tuned on that front.

For your viewing pleasure here is the trailer in all of its leotard wearing, cape fluttering glory:

The Big Bang Theory: Season 3 in September

Source: MovieWeb

No official cover art available yet but stay tuned!

The third season of the critically acclaimed and geek savvy CBS show The Big Bang Theory is coming to DVD and Blu-ray September 14th.

The third season has 23 episodes of romance, tight pants, tattoos, bitter feuds and all of the other hilarity you have come to expect from the misadventures of Sheldon, Leonard and Penny.

Extras Include:

  • Big Bang Set Tour with Simon and Kunal (Howard and Raj)
  • Take-Out with the Cast of The Big Bang Theory: Group Interview
  • Gag Reel