Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google TV

Source: TechCrunch

Love them or love to hate them Google knows how to get things done, and the long awaited unveiling of their newest innovation that they are touting as "TV meets web. Web meets TV."

Google TV promises that with their service you will spend less time searching for videos and more time enjoying them while adding new elements of personalization. This should make watching TV a much more involved experience.

The TV can be hooked up to your existing setup, such as cable and satellite boxes, and the set comes packaged with a keyboard and mouse. Keyboard and mouse not your style? That's cool, especially if you have an Android phone, because Google has made the phone essentially into a remote control. Best news is if you lose the remote somebody can call it, no more missing remotes! This is the kind of innovation Google strives for people!

But wait, there's more!

Want to surf the web? They have Google Chrome pre-installed and ready for you to surf, both web and channel. As well as included software there are a few announced optional Google TV hardware additions as well as partnering up with the likes of Sony and Dish Network for an enhanced viewing experience.

No word yet on if getting a sweet slice of that advertisement pie ($70 billion in the US alone!) played a role in Google hitting the TV market next Fall. And before you start hating on Google, just remember their motto, "Don't be evil."

Burn Notice Season 3 on DVD

Source: MovieWeb

What happens when you are a disavowed agent stuck in Miami? You have a hell of a lot of fun if Burn Notice is to be believed!

The series stars Jeffrey Donavan as Michael Westen; a down on his luck spy who is lucky to have friends, such as the always welcomed Bruce Campbell, in low places along with a femme fatale or two.

The third season is coming to DVD on June 1st in a four disc set that will include all 16 episodes plus a couple of cool extras:

  • Smash, Crash, Boom: Inside the Burn Notice Stunt Unit
  • The Burn Notice 2009 Comic-Con Panel

No word yet if there is a Blu-ray in the works, but the first two seasons did get a Blu-ray release so stay tuned.

Skynet's Coming ...

Source: Technology Review

Don't start looking for John Conner quite yet but technology just got one step closer to becoming self-aware with the creation of a software program that learns by watching. Thanks MIT nerds, you have given the machines the tools necessary for the destruction of humanity.

Could it get worse? Yes it can.

This new software, called KarDo, has been created to help IT support staff in the usual computer related problems. By watching a human solve the problem the program will then be able to replicate the process on across multiple computers and retains the knowledge of the problem for future problems and can use it in order to adept to new challenges.

Does it get any better? Maybe ...

The ultimate goal for Kardo is to "intervene completely automatically" and although the software is still in the infant stage and has not gone through enough testing time will only make it wiser, and more powerful.

I guess now is as good of time as any to move to the Alaskan wilderness and live off the grid. Prepare for the inevitable people, prepare ...