Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amazon Deal: Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

Source: Amazon

The end of this deal is nigh!

So check out this steal here!

For $28.99 (Over 50% off the retail price!) you can get your copy of Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Blu-ray while supplies last!

The Ultimate Cut features the Zak Snyder directors cut of Watchmen with the animated feature Tales of the Black Freighter woven into the live action film. On top of that you get the nifty Under The Hood featurette that gives you further insight into the dark world created by master storyteller Alan Moore.

Oh did I mention it also comes with Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics, because it does! This is the four-disc Ultimate Cut, remember? So the extras are aplenty!

Extras Include:

  • Disc 1 - Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (215min), Commentary from Zac Snyder and artist Dave Gibbons
  • Disc 2 - Various Featurettes: The Phenomenon: The Comic That Changed Comics, Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes, Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World, Watchmen: Video Journals - Under the Hood, Story Within a Story: The Books of Watchmen, Music Video: My Chemical Romance; Desolation Row
  • Disc 3 - Digital Copy of the Theatrical Version.
  • Discs 4 & 5 - Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics (325 minutes and in it's own case within the box!)

That is a lot of bang for your buck!

Retro Gaming Triumvirate

Source: Wired

Anytime gaming nostalgia used to hit me I would dust off my trusty old NES, blow the dust off a few cartridges and relive my first video game experiences in all of their pixelated glory.

Then my NES broke, and I tried to make due for a while on emulators and downloaded games on my laptop, but it just wasn't the same...

It looks like the good old days can be mine again with the RetroN 3 Gaming System. This ingenious device consists of one part NES, one part Super Nintendo, one part Sega Genesis and is completely radical!

As you can see from the pic it has three separate slots for the various game cartridges, and ports on the sides compatible with the original controllers for all three systems but comes with wireless controllers just in case you forgot what it was like to play with corded controllers. It is a first step to an old school gamers nirvana for a mere $70!

I knew saving my old NES games would pay off someday!

Simpsons 13th Season in August

Source: MovieWeb

America's favorite dysfunctional yellow pigmented family is coming to DVD and Blu-ray again this August 24th.

All 22 episodes of the 13th season of The Simpsons will be included in the box set, and for you collectors out there wondering whose head will grace the limited special packaging wonder no more, because it is none other than lovable and infinitely quotable Ralph Wiggum.

If any of you are going to be in Southern California living the dream known as the San Diego Comic-Con you will have an opportunity to get your hands on the molded head DVD set a month early. If this is something that is relevant to your interests head directly to the Fox booth (#4313) between July 22nd and the 25th to pick up your copy, and all Comic-Con buyers will also receive a bonus limited edition lithograph as well as your Simpsons box set.

The Blu-ray box set of The Simpsons: The Complete 13th Season does come with specialized menus and extra animations than the DVD box set, but it seems that all of the other special features can be found in both versions.

Extras Include:

  • Audio commentaries on every episode featuring executive producers, writers, directors, cast and notable guest stars on select episodes
  • Deleted scenes
  • Various Special Featurettes: A Token from Matt Groening, Ralphisms, The People Ball, The 13th Crewman, Blame It On The Monkeys, The Games, The Sweet Life of Ralph
  • PiP Animation Showcases for episodes: The Parent Rap and Sweet & Sour Marge
  • Sketch Galleries
  • Commercials
  • Special Language Feature
  • Easter Eggs