Saturday, July 17, 2010

WTFriday?! - Lost Chaplin Film Found!

Source: THR

The thought to be long-lost short film A Thief Catcher has recently been found.

The 1914 silent film may be only 10 minutes long, but it includes an early cameo of now legendary actor Charlie Chaplin. Film historian; and proud owner of A Thief Catcher, Paul Gierucki after buying the reel at an auction thought it was just another old film reel of no real importance and set it on his shelf for 16 months. Imagine his amazement when upon finally watching it he recognized the iconic bumbling movements of Chaplin!

Now here is the coolest part for you Schmoes in the greater Washington D.C. area, if you want a chance to see the recently rediscovered Charlie Chaplin film A Thief Catcher it is re-premiering (probably the first time since 1914!) at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theater just outside of D.C. during the annual Slapsticon Film Festival THIS Saturday, July 17th at 8pm!

What is your favorite Chaplin film? I know I may get some flack for this seeing as it is one of his later ones, and is a talkie, but I loved 1947's Monsieur Verdoux.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone in December

Source: Deadline Hollywood

While the next actual big screen 007 adventure is currently up in the air (Thanks MGM ...) but Bond isn't dead.

Not by a long shot.

Our favorite British super-spy is not only getting one video game re-release this year with the classic Goldeneye for the Wii but also a whole new original game entitled James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

Check out an early teaser trailer here:

While the trailer itself leaves a little to be desired (There is plenty of time, yo!) all of the flourishes of a good Bond movie are in there. And this game is going to have all of the trappings of an actual 007 film in spades.

They have Bruce Feirstein penning the screenplay, who has worked on four of the Bond films and including 007: Blood Stone four Bond games. It features a Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, Joss Stone, both creating original music for the game and lending her voice talent as a Bond girl. And the icing on the awesome cake, both Daniel Craig and Judi Dench reprise their roles as Bond and M (respectively, of course)!

James Bond 007: Blood Stone promises to pack the cinematic punch of a real Bond movie with an all new, epic single player adventure as well as a variety of multiplayer opportunities. We can all hope that James Bond makes it back to the big screen, and he most definitely will at some point, but 007: Blood Stone may help hold you over in the meantime!

Look for it on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this December!