Friday, June 25, 2010

WTFriday?! - Make-A-Wish Builds Star Wars Fort!

Source: Geekologie

This one should warm the jaded cockles of your geeky heart in less than 12 parsecs.

There was a very sick boy in Tulsa, Oklahoma and he wanted the most kick ass Star Wars fort in the history of ever.

He got it!

Make-A-Wish made that dream happen and built him a beastly Millennium Falcon for his backyard.


Make-A-Wish has been on a role with the nerdiest wishes for a while now, and we all know these poor kids deserve that little extra slice of awesome to get them through the hell they have to endure. Just last month a kid in Seattle got to be a legit superhero for the day.

Make-A-Wish, bless you for making these kid's dreams come true and making my day!

Hulu Partners With Sony

Source: Home Media Magazine

There were serious rumors that Hulu was in talks with Microsoft for exclusive rights for the Xbox, but Sony seems to have beaten them to the punch. Sony is in final talks with the Hulu people and it looks like, for a price, you will have another streaming option for your PS3. Hulu may still be coming to an Xbox near you, but not in the immediate future.

Recently Hulu, which has previously been free, has been toying with premium subscriptions for around $10 a month. The benefits of paying for a subscription have been more content and fewer commercials, now they are bringing that business model to your PSTriple.

While the PS3 already has Netflix capabilities Hulu would be a big boost as far as TV shows go. Netflix can sometimes be a bit stingy and erratic when it comes to TV shows while Hulu has tons of your favorite programming available soon after it airs on TV. Hulu also has a decent catalog of movies too, but no where near as extensive as Netflix.

I would say if you are into movies (Which I assume you are reader otherwise I have no idea why you are wasting your time here!) Netflix is probably still the best route. But if TV is more your bag Hulu on the PS3 might just be what you were looking for!

And if you like both well use both! Who am I to judge?

Boobless Robot Lifeguard

Source: Popular Science

Nope, she isn't a Pamela Android.

No, she doesn't have boobs or run in slow motion.

But yes, she could save your life.

Her name is EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving LanYard ... that's a stretch) and she is a certified robo-lifeguard who is going to save riptide victims from undignified death by drowning.

This autonomous buoy operates in two ways. It can either be thrown from the shore, a helicopter, plane or boat manually by a human or it can just patrol the coastline looking for struggling swimmers. How the hell is she supposed to differentiate between the raucous splash fights and the truly drowning is where it gets interesting. EMILY uses sonar to hone in on movements associated with distressed swimmers such as panicked thrashing. Then she hits the throttle and shoots toward the drownee at upwards of 28 miles per hour.

Cool, you are drowning and a buoy shows up like an awkward red robo-angel, now what? Well she talks, giving you words of encouragement and instructions ("Hang the f*ck on!") that you should heed if you want hitch a ride back to the beach with minimal water in your lungs. If being comforted by software isn't really cutting it EMILY is also equipped with a camera operated by a lifeguard back on sure that can also give sage advise (Like, oh I don't know, maybe: "Hang the f*ck on!")

The EMILY 'bots will hit the beach sometime next spring and while each unit costs $3,500 you can't really put a price on saving a persons life, even if there are no slow motion boobs involved ...

Well, because I know you guys are thinking about it and are probably already Googling for Baywatch pics:

What did you expect? Don't hassel the 'Hoff!