Friday, April 16, 2010

Netflix Adds Subtitles

Source: The Netflix Blog

If you are anything like me most of your Netflix viewing takes place through online streaming using their “Instant Play” feature. Netflix has just added a new feature to its online streaming: closed captioning.

Promised last year, closed captioning is now available on some streaming TV shows and movies. Right now it is a very limited library of about 100 titles but they now have the technology in place and Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer a Netflix, promises “we will be working to fill in the library over time.”

There you go; closed captioning has begun to infiltrate Netflix. Just one more feature for an already amazing rental service.

When Twitter Kicks Ass


Want to win some Kick-Ass swag this weekend?

Of course you do! Entering is easy, all you have to do is take a quick snapshot of yourself waiting in line to see the flick with your Kick-Ass ticket stub (or in costume for you aspiring vigilantes out there) and then upload it on Twitter.

For your Tweet to qualify simply say “Kick-Ass” followed by the hash tag “#winkickassWIRED” and you are entered to win. Three winners will be randomly selected with the grand prize being a movie poster signed by the actors and comic creators a Kick-Ass hat and Kick-Ass: Music from the Motion Picture plus a little extra swag. The two other lucky winners will receive a movie poster, sticker set and postcard.

All entries need to be in by 12:01 Pacific on April 19th, go see Kick-Ass now for your chance to win!

Avatar Ultimate Edition Blu-ray


The guys over at got a chance to talk with Avatar Producer John Landau about the specs for the forthcoming Blu-ray. Over the next couple of months He and James Cameron will be picking through supplements that will go into a four-disc ultimate edition of Avatar.

Some of the special features that have already made the cut include a two hour documentary on the making of Avatar and various unused scenes, such as more of the Avatar school and Jake Sully in training. Sounds like a quality start to me, but to fill up three extra discs a lot more will be needed and it will take a lot of time.

But instead of monopolizing the “King of the Worlds” time Landau says they have a system in place that will also allow Cameron time to work on his upcoming projects like an Avatar sequel.

If you don’t think you can wait for the ultimate edition of Avatar the regular one will be up for grabs April 22nd sans special features. They don’t want to punish those of you who can’t wait, however, and will give people that bought the initial release the opportunity to watch the special features on their website once they are completed at

Nota Bene: For those of you who have yet to see film history or want to experience it over again, Avatar is being re-released in select IMAX theaters this weekend.