Tuesday, June 8, 2010

G.I. Joe: The Movie in July

Source: MovieWeb

"Yo, Joe!"

July 27th will see the final chapter in the 1980's G.I. Joe cartoon series on both Blu-ray and a newer special collector's DVD release.

G.I. Joe: The Movie portrays the final conflicts between our favorite real American heroes against the sinister forces of COBRA. Red and blue lasers will fly as a new group of rough and ready Joe rookies look for ways to prove themselves to the battle hardened veterans on the team.

Knowing may be half the battle, but the other half is extras!

Extras Include:

  • Audio Commentary with Story Consultant Buzz Dixon
  • The Final 8 "Knowing Is Half The Battle" Public Service Announcements that weren't on the previously released DVD Box Set
  • Original Printable Screenplay
  • Art Gallery

I remember making my mom rent this movie for me on multiple occasions ... I am sure Blockbuster would kill for that kind of return customer now.

For your viewing pleasure I present to you the G.I. Joe PSA's ... completely unaltered, completely.

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