Thursday, June 3, 2010

Highlander Season 2


"There can only be one ..."

It is true that there can only be one Highlander, but multiple seasons are apparently kosher as the second season of Highlander, originally set for an April release, will be available exclusively through the specialty website on Blu-ray in late July.

A unique and interesting addition that may have delayed the Blu-ray release is present in the special features. A few fan-made extras have surfaced, including fan commentaries, discussions and documentaries. I really dig that fan-made extra features are even present on a Blu-ray release, and I really hope to see more along these lines in future larger releases.

So if you like to watch immortals battle across eternity, fancy Scottish accents or love to support fellow fans the Highlander Season 2 Blu-rays might be right up your alley.

Extras Include:

  • Documentary: Season of Change
  • Photo Gallery
  • Picture-in-Picture Commentaries with star Adrian Paul
  • BD Touch remote for iPhone and iPod Touch

Fan-Made Extras:

  • Fans talk about Highlander
  • Fan created documentaries
  • Fan created PiP Commentaries

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