Monday, June 21, 2010

Dearest Cine-a-tech Readers

I know what they say about looking cool and how you are supposed to act like you have been there before, but I haven't so to hell with it:

Well shucks, guys, I love all ya'll!

In the couple short months that Cine-a-tech spawned from my deranged mind it has already managed rack up over 1000 views! (Thanks mom!)

On this humbling (read: momentus, extraordinary, badass, etc.) occasion I wish to thank all of the people that have stopped by, if only by accident, and I can only hope that I was able to improve the quality of your day if but for a moment.

To all of those kind Spambots that trolled through, thanks for the boost in numbers that kept me trucking along. And I wish to take this opportunity to let it be known that when Skynet finally does become self aware and starts the Robopocalypse that I, for one, welcome our new synthetic overlords.

And finally to you, yes you the reader of this very post, I wish to extend my gratitude. You, whoever you are, are an awesome individual that should be told so on a daily basis and anytime you feel that you have not been feel free to drop by here for a moral boost!

1K is just the start! I hope to get at least five more views before I call it quits and mosey on down that dusty ol' trail of obscurity and mediocrity, and that should only take about 6 more months excluding the Spambots!

Thanks again, at only 2 months Cine-a-tech is still a infant with gratuitous bib drool and repugnant soiled diapers, I can't wait to see what this creation will mature into!

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