Monday, June 21, 2010

LCD TV's May Save Your Life!

Source: Gizmag

A recent study by the University of York in England has come to the conclusion that the chemicals in your LCD TV could have health benefits.

The specific chemical is polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA if you want to sound legit) which has proven effective at combating viruses and infections. Not only does it have medicinal applications, but it could possibly be used as a cleaning solvent for wreaking all kinds of havoc on germs. And if PVA is combined with ethanol its healing potential is that much greater.

Hell, the good news doesn't stop there as the goo in your LCD TV is even environmentally friendly!

But don't go sticking a straw into your high def set and sucking the goodness out just yet, as further testing needs to be done before anyone can even hope for PVA based medicines and cleaners hit the shelves. But the people at York see a lot of promise in polyvinyl-alcohol, and some of these people have doctorates so they should know!

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