Monday, May 24, 2010

Amazon lets you choose the Blu!


Pick your treasure! is leaving it up to us to decide what will be included in the Blu-ray Gold Box June 7-11. The Gold Box is one of the best deals around and this is the first time that we, the consumer, have had options.

So if you have an Amazon account it is time to perform your civic duty as a lover of Blu-ray and cast a vote. Think hard and then pick the bundle of Blu-rays that you would want to see in that sweet Gold Box come June and if enough people agree with you it will happen!

Here are the choices, and I don't think the decision will be an easy one:

  • The Ultimate Matrix Collection (All 3 Films plus The Animatrix)
  • Band of Brothers with The Pacific: Part One
  • The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection: Planet Earth, Wild China, Galapagos and Ganges
  • The Universe Seasons 1-3
  • Star Trek Motion Picture Collection: Includes first 6 feature films with a 70 minute roundtable discussion with original cast members called The Captain's Summit

Start figuring out what you will go with, I expect it to take the next couple of weeks for you to reach a conclusion!

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