Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash Gordon


On June 15th see the Savior of the Universe battle tyrant Ming the Merciless of the planet Mongo on glorious Blu-ray.

Director Mike Hodges' 1980 take on the Flash Gordon 1930's sci-fi comic and film serials had it all; cheesy special effects, campy acting and costumes that suit Lady Gaga more than an interstellar hero. It is a movie that does not take itself seriously, full of tongue-in-cheek humor and general ridiculousness, and is just plain fun.

But if there is a single thing that makes this film awesome it is the Queen score which could possibly be the greatest soundtrack of all time. I am not ashamed to say that I have rocked out to their Flash Gordon theme on more than one occasion, at least not totally ashamed.

30 years later and this is a movie continues to entertain and with the Blu-ray release you will of course get some extras.

Extras Include:

  • Alex Ross, comic artist who did the cover artwork for the Blu-ray, talks about Flash Gordon
  • Writing a Classic: Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple Jr.
  • Original episode of the Flash Gordon 1936 serial
  • BD Live and more

For your viewing pleasure and to get your Memorial Weekend off to a rocking start here is the original trailer for Flash Gordon:

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