Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saving Private Ryan Blu-ray release has problems!

Source: The Digital Bits

Those of you who have already picked up your copy of Saving Private Ryan last week on Blu-ray might have a little problem on your hands.

Apparently there is a audio-sync issues around the Chapter 15 mark. So as you sit there expecting to watch some of the finest WWII action to be committed to film you might get what looks like a bad English dubbing job that belongs in an old Kung-Fu flick instead.

Don't go storm the beaches (Link NSFW ... European beaches, you know.) quite yet, however, as Paramount Studios seems to be working on the issue, and Amazon pulled the Blu-ray down from its site for now until this problem is fixed. The studio is working on a solution for the problem, and for the many who enthusiastically already got their hands on Saving Private Ryan some kind of replacement plan is in the works.

Update: Paramount has officially confirmed the audio-sync problem, and has pushed back the foreign releases until the issue is resolved. The studio has concluded that there was a quality control problem at Technicolor and they are working on resolving the issue.

Those of you that have the flawed discs can either return the disc to the retailer that you purchased it from or for more information contact Technicolor directly call 888-370-8621 for US and Canada. The replacement Blu-ray discs are expected to be on retailers shelves by May 18th.

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