Monday, May 31, 2010

So the deaf may hear ...

Source: Gizmodo

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it exactly means to be deaf. Just because a person is deaf does not mean they can't register sound, they just do so in different ways such as by feel.

German designer Frederik Podzuweit is looking for a way to harness that method of feeling sound and he has done so in a most literally. His new device, which in a true German fashion, he simply calls "Music for deaf people" is a collar that is worn around the shoulders. This collar transmits the music to the listener via vibrations which allows the wearer to feel the music.

Just because you are deaf or severely hard of hearing should not prevent you from enjoying the experience of music. The concept collar has volume controls, tabs to switch between tracks and your standard inputs for MP3 players. It is made to be worn snugly around the neck and over the shoulders which would mean versatility and security.

Now everyone can all rock out to some Beethoven or, if classical music isn't exactly your jam, maybe some Evelyn Glennie who are only two of many accomplished deaf musicians.

Rock on!

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