Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Youtube: Broadcast Yourself ... Privately


Youtube has just added another choice for video posters that will ensure a new level of privacy.

Previously there were only two privacy settings that could be chosen; either the video was public and out there for the whole wide world to see or it was only viewable privately by selected Youtube users. Not exactly a lot of grey area in who could and could not see your videos.

Well, now there is a third option that allows the video poster to post videos that can only been seen if they input the specific URL. The actual video itself would remain unlisted and invisible to the casual Youtube browser looking for that clip of the pelvic thrusting Stormtrooper, you know the one.

I find it kind of surprising that this feature didn't exist before; it seems so obvious a tool. Although I don't see what is to stop people from sharing the link information, so the uploader should probably still show discretion in who they share the link with as that person could just pass it along to the next person. I suppose the idea is to make the video more exclusive and not necessarily completely private.

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