Wednesday, June 30, 2010

International 3D Society

Source: Home Media Magazine

You may not have known that there was an International 3D Society (I didn't, but its new so cut me some slack!) and it has some nefarious 3D related goals. Using "nefarious" isn't really fair as their site is actually very informative and if you had any questions about 3D media the answer can probably be found somewhere among the charts, graphs and press releases. If you are still wondering what it is the International 3D Society stands for just read their mission statement:

"The International 3D Society has been founded to advance the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D content and its professional innovators. The organization will host educational opportunities for showcasing work, recognizing achievement and advancing member growth. The International 3D Society is open to individuals and organizations active in moving 3D media to an exciting new era of creative achievement and consumer support."

The big news today out of the 3D Society is that it just recently elected its first board members. You may not recognize some of the names but these are the people that control the recent 3D tsunami that has no signs of dissipating so you will probably get to know them soon enough. The two big names are chairman Buzz Hayes, Sony's 3D go to guy, and chair-elect Jim Mainard who heads up production development for DreamWorks Animation.

Essentially this means if you were hoping for this 3D boom to be a fad there are some seriously talented, devoted people who beg to differ. This organization of studios, production companies, individuals and other pro-3D entities is only growing and with the big push this summer over stereoscopic 3D you can bet your sweet left butt cheek that International 3D Society will be there, if only in the back ground pulling the strings.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad there is some responsible management for all of this 3D hoopla and I hope that "I3DS" can get the wheels in motion for a film experience that doesn't revolve around overpriced gimmicks. We just love movies and I am sure that is something we can all get behind.

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