Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bill Shatner: Horse Enthusiast

I have been wicked busy the past couple of days, which means my original plan for my Shatnerthon posts had to be scrapped. But as the old saying goes: Let the Shat hit the fan!

People have been writing about William Shatner’s prolific acting career. He has had a simply stellar (Pun not intended, but then I read this sentence and decided that I am not above puns, so deal with it!) presence on TV and the silver screen.

People have mused over Bill “Rocketman” Shatner’s musical accomplishments. I really have nothing to add, his body of work speaks for itself.

All these are things that Mr. Bill Shatner is known and loved for, but what does Bill love? What makes Kirk tick? What does Denny Crane do to take the edge off? Get ready, because this news may come as something of a shock to those of you that have only known William Shatner as a public figure.

William Shatner is many things, actor, musician, Canadian, author, and spokesman. But if you were to ask Bill who he identifies himself as he will most likely say that he is foremost an equestrian.

That’s right Shatner’s one true passion in life is … horses.

Yup, ol’ Bill fancies himself a cowboy! But he doesn't do it solo; he breeds, trains and competes with the other love of his life, his wife Elizabeth Anderson, on his 360 acre horse ranch in Kentucky. The Shatman raises various kinds of horses but primarily American Saddlebreds and Quarter Horses (Yeah, I don't really know what that means either ...) several of which have actually become successful champions.

Shatner doesn't do this for just his own benefit though and in the truest fashion of awesome badassery he hosts a horse show disguised as a charity fundraiser in Hollywood that draws in the big wigs of the industry every year. And you are damn right he wears a cowboy hat!

Hell, there is even a special riding competition named after him; the overly epic sounding Shatner Class.

At this point (if you are still reading this post about Shatner’s love of horses, and I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t …) you may be asking yourself, “Self, why should I care about Billie’s horse obsession?

Answer: Because William Shatner does, and that should be a good enough reason for you!

I could go on but because I just couldn’t possibly describe it any better then a shoddily taped, and extremely dated, TV interview I’ll just let the Shatman explain his love, in his ... own ... SYNCOPATED, PERsonaldialECT!

Enjoy, I sure did:

Aw crap ... now I have to write about his affinity for dogs.



  1. Excellent post. I was hoping to see this kind of post for the Shatnerthon, never the less I enjoyed them all, especially his early work reviews.

    Thank you for posting about Shatner the man rather than Shatner the actor.

  2. Well thank you kindly!

    I felt it was my duty, neigh ... sacred privilege, to delve into the mind of the man behind the legendary characters that he portrays.

    So what if it turned out that he is more awesome as a real person? I would expect nothing else from Shatner!

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