Monday, July 12, 2010

The Experiment in September

Source: MovieWeb

If you didn't get enough Adrian Brody this last weekend in Predators, come September 21st you will get a second chance.

The Experiment is based off of a 2001 German film by the same name (Das Experiment in case you were wondering.) which is an interesting psychological thriller very loosely based off a real Stanford experiment. With the promise of $1,000 a day 24 men sign up for a social experiment. Said experiment breaks the men into two groups; prisoners (led by Adrian Brody) and guards (with Forrest Whitaker carrying the big nightstick) in what is meant to be a realistic prison simulation. But as the old adage goes; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and before you know it the relationship between the captives and the guards goes from tense to ... well, prison rules.

Although The Experiment boasts two Academy Award winning actors it is slated for a direct to DVD/Blu-ray release September 21st. No extras have been announced as of yet, but stay posted!

To sate your curiosity, here is a trailer for The Experiment:

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