Friday, July 30, 2010

Metroid: Other M to have movie ... sort of ...

Source: Kotaku

Their is a lot to be said for cinematic game play, but what if after you beat a game you can re-visit your glory as an actual movie?

Would you do it?

Metroid: Other M will give that chance! Coming out exclusively for the Wii in August this newest Samus adventure will have a "Theater Mode" in which, upon completing the story you can sit back, crack a cold one and watch a Metroid movie.

Nintendo designer and Other M creator Yoshio Sakamoto revealed how this novel idea would play out in an interview with According to him the goal for Theater Mode will be to weave cut-scenes and saved game play video together to tell an epic Samus story. The movie itself will be about two hours long and while game play footage would be included it is pre-recorded, which means you aren't actually watching a video of your self playing, which almost defeats the purpose for me but I can see how that would take a lot of processing power to accomplish ... which is unfortunately not a Wii strong point.

I really do, however, like the precedent that Metroid: Other M sets. I would love to see Theater Mode in some of my favorite games (*cough*Like the Uncharted series*cough*) and I can really see this working out well in the long run.

What do you guys think about Theater Mode in video games? Is it something you dig, or would you just be ready to move onto the next game?

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