Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Netflix Hi-Def Streaming

Source: Netflix Blog

Netflix adds yet another service, fast on the heels of their subtitle announcement a couple of weeks ago, with high definition video available for instant streaming on both PC and Mac.

This upgrade includes both episodes of TV shows as well as movies, and is available to those that subscribe at no extra cost. The only catch for this new service is that your computers hardware can handle it along with updated software and sufficient bandwidth. No word yet on if, or when, hi-def videos will be available for instant streaming to other media players such as gaming systems, while that seems to be the next logical step. For those of you that own a Roku box, you have had the capability for some time, it has just been a matter of the content being added for viewing.

Currently Netflix is the only digital rental service with a hi-def option, which is an obvious advantage for them, and while the library of available titles may not yet be extensive it is a solid start.

Now if I can just get my housemates to ease up on the online gaming a bit and I will be able to watch some Deadliest Catch in all of the majesty it deserves.

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