Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazon Gold Box: The Ultimate Matrix Collection

Source: High-Def Disc News

Now I am of the opinion that The Matrix was mind blowingly awesome and the sequels just couldn't live up to the first. But for ridiculously low price of $49.99 for all three Matrix films plus The Animatrix on Blu-ray I would not think twice about picking it up.

This Amazon Gold Box deal only lasts through today, so if you want to just pay 50 bucks for something that retails at $125 now is your chance.

Extras Include:

  • Written introduction by the Wachowski Bros
  • Various commentaries including Philosophers Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilbur; Critics Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thompson plus cast and crew
  • Feature length documentary: The Matrix Revisited
  • Music Videos plus an isolated music track of nearly 3 hours of music
  • Various featurettes on the making of The Matrix video game
  • The Roots of The Matrix: Various documentaries delving into the historical, philosophical and technological aspects of The Matrix series
  • Theatrical trailers, plus much more!

Sorry about the late notice, but you should still have time to pull this off. And if you don't, no big deal. Everybody misses the first jump. Everybody.

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