Monday, June 14, 2010

E3: Microsoft's Monday

Source: Engadget

Today Microsoft has owned the E3 Expo. Here are the Monday highlights from the Microsoft E3 camp:

  • Microsoft Kinect: (Pictured above left) Hey potential Project Natal users there are some solid facts in now for you to salivate over. First off it has a price tag now, looks like it will put you back $149 but there are some bundlle deals already popping up at retailers like Gamestop that will pair the Kinect with an Xbox Elite for $399. Microsoft Kinect will officially launch November 4th, along with a first wave of games that will utilize the motion tracking technology. The last Kinect related news for today involves video chatting. Yes. You will be able video chat while watching movies together for starters. Nifty feature that will be both Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger compatible.
  • New Xbox 360: (Pictured center) Yup, that is apparently what it is called "The New Xbox 360" no clever name yet, but man it looks pretty slick and it starts shipping out today! Major changes from the existing Xbox 360 models, besides actually looking cool, is that it has one internal fan. This is supposed to reduce the noise considerably which is one less distraction. The power source is internal, which means no more unsightly brick attached to your power cord. And it has integrated WiFi, so you essentially it takes some of the former Xbox accessories and just compiles them into one sexy package.
  • ESPN3: No it isn't ESPN8 "The Ocho" but it is coming to an Xbox near you! Microsoft now has an exclusive deal with ESPN3 that will be available for no extra charge if you have an Xbox Live Gold Account and have a TV/Internet provider that will participate. You will be able to watch replays, highlights, participate in polls and will of course have Kinect capabilities.
  • Xbox Netflix: The Xbox version of Netflix is finally getting an essential upgrade in November. You will now be able to search the entire Netflix Instant Watch and add videos to your instant queue, all directly from your console. Xbox is the first console to have this unrestricted Netflix access with out actually needing a computer. I would expect the other major consoles to follow suit eventually as well.

That about sums up Xbox news for the first day of E3; be sure to keep checking in for more updates from the E3 gaming front all week!

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