Friday, June 11, 2010

New PS3 to be Unveiled at E3?

Source: Engadget

Don't worry, that isn't it. That was actually one of the original PS3 designs a few years back, how about that controller? I apologize for the scare.

With the week long E3 Expo starting next Monday developers and companies will surely have announcements and surprises in store.

For the past several years E3 has been the place to announce the launches of new gaming systems and this year may not be different.

Some rumors are floating around that we might be seeing some new or updated version of the PS3. This speculation is backed up with an FCC report that confirms that they were testing some type of PS3 system with a new debugging unit.

What does this mean?

Well, you would generally need a new debugging unit only if you are using new hardware. If the new PS3 has significant hardware differences than the current model who knows what we will see? My guess is something involving 3D.

All this speculation on the new PS3 and more should be revealed next week during the E3 Expo; be sure to check back in then for updates!

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