Friday, June 11, 2010

Picnic at Hanging Rock in July


Summer and picnics, those are two things that should always go together. Picnics are almost always categorized under good times, depending on the ant factor. Well on July 26 get ready for a whole different type of picnic as an acclaimed Australian film, Picnic at Hanging Rock, gets a Blu-ray release.

The 1975 classic Picnic at Hanging Rock is the story, some claim to be true, of the disappearance of a small group of schoolgirls and their teacher while on an outing into the Australian bush under bizarre and mysterious circumstances in 1900. But the real story is primarily about those that are left behind and their confusion and outrage that such a disappearance could not be solved. It drives certain characters to extremes.

This Blu-ray release will be the 107 minute director's cut of Peter Weir, which is actually shorter than the original theatrical release version.

This release's basket is loaded with special features for you to gorge on as well.

Extras Include:

  • A Dream within a Dream, a feature length documentary
  • A Recollection: Hanging Rock 1900, an interview with author Joan Lindsey
  • Hanging Rock and Martindale Hall: Then and Now
  • A short film; The Day of St Valentine, that was the first adaption of Joan Lindsey's novel that would later be adapted into Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • Audio Interviews
  • Gallery
  • Scenes that were removed for the director's cut

Can any of you name other director's cuts that are actually shorter than the theatrical? I can only think of one of the top of my head, Alien, but it is only a minute shorter and Ridley Scott has even said that he still prefers the theatrical version.

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