Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3: Nintendo and 3D Movies

Source: LA Times

Nintendo has pulled something of a coup against Sony in the 3D market by announcing this morning at the E3 conference that their new handheld called the "3DS" will not only support 3D gaming but also 3D movies.

Currently Nintendo has partnered up with a few major studios such as Disney, Warner Bros and Dreamworks to get stereoscopic 3D movies. The E3 demo of the Nintendo 3DS showed the trailer for the upcoming Disney movie Tangled to give an idea of how the system would work.

The Nintendo 3DS is due out sometime this year, but no definite date has been set yet. The new handheld has two screens just like the previous DS models, with the bottome screen integrated with a touchpad but the top one is now capable of projecting 3D images without requiring cumbersome, but oh so fashionable, 3D glasses. Another major upgrade from the current DS is the inclusion of three cameras that will allow you to actually take 3D pictures that you will then be able to share with your other 3DS buddies.

This was a pretty big announcement that was off of everyone’s radar. They stole some of Sony's thunder (who has been heavily pushing 3D) since their announcement of 3D gaming and movies wasn't until a few hours later in the day.

It has been a long time since I invested in a handheld gaming system, the last one I owned was a Gameboy Color, but the 3DS is looking pretty awesome ... maybe this is the handheld I have been waiting for ... maybe.

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