Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kurt Russell, Baseball and My Hometown!

So I just found out that my podunk hometown just got a new semi-pro Baseball team!

Go Walla Walla Sweets!

I am pretty stoked because this means I will actually have something to do when I am back home this summer when I am not working or sitting in a movie theater. But this also reminds me of some unique family history, so pull up a chair because this anecdote is pretty cool!

Years ago we used to have another team called the Walla Walla Padres, and guess who was on that team in the '70's? If you said Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith you would be correct, but this is a blog that deals with movies so go on guess again!

Kurt Russell is who!

No joke! He apparently played about half a season in Walla Walla back in '72 and batted a respectable .325! That in itself would be some cool trivia, but remember this is family history.

Now this little yarn gets even better still! Apparently the players would be invited to eat with local families, probably as both a way for the Padres to keep in touch with their fans and to keep the players fed and happy.Two birds with one stone and all that noise ...

So anyway, my mom's family hosted a couple of the young players from the Walla Walla Padres to dinner at some point in '72 and guess who came with an appetite?!

Freaking Kurt Russell is who!

Apparently they enjoyed a fine meal and my aunt's homemade desert, some sort of cake, and packed away some serious vittles. By all accounts Kurt Russell was "a very polite, nice young man."

That's right! Snake Plissken ate and my grandparents house and had seconds.

Damn straight he did!

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