Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mercury Rising in September

Source: HighDef Disc News

Director Harry Becker's 1998 film Mercury Rising is getting a Blu-ray upgrade September 14th. Now it has been awhile since I popped in my old DVD of Mercury Rising but I faintly remember it being ridiculous.

Ridiculously awesome!

Let me try to break down the plot; you have an autistic kid that unwittingly broke an unbreakable government code and, consequently, you have and over the top evil Alec Baldwin doing everything in his power to find the poor boy and liquidate him. You'd think the unfortunate kid should be screwed right? Not if Bruce Willis, the only thing keeping that boy out of Alec Baldwin's grubby governmental paws, has anything to say about it!

With this new Blu-ray transfer you can expect full 1080p picture quality with improved audio quality, which you think would be a given but some Blu-ray transfers of old movies have been barely above DVD quality.

No extra specs have been announced yet, but be sure to check back in as they are on the way!

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