Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vinyl or CD? Why choose!

Source: Gizmodo

Let me start this off by acknowledging the fact that both records and compact discs are arguably dead in this online age where you can find anything for the price of free. I get it. But as someone who still buys CDs and collect vinyl this is technological harmony at it's purest.

And I feel it is something you have to see:


What you are looking at is a CD, no big whoop right? Wrong, let's flip this bad boy:


That is right! It is a flip disc just like those old widescreen/fullscreen DVDs and those new fangled Blu-ray/DVD hybrids but for music. This changes everything about obsolete media! What will we see next, 8-Tracks merged with cassettes? VHS infused with floppy discs? iPads fused with paperweights?!

This 50% record, 50% CD adding up to 110% awesome is the work of musician and technology enthusiast Jeff Mills. The album is fittingly titled The Occurrence and is a limited release from Axis Records.

The possibilities are about as endless as my joy about the existence of a vinyl/CD hybrid! And if this catches on I guess it means I am buying The White Album again ...

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