Thursday, July 8, 2010

Always Practice Safe Gaming ...

Source: Engadget

So you got her back to your bedroom, highfive stud!

Then the inevitable question arises almost as fast as you do, "Do you have protection?" Now what you do next may make or break the evening’s coital activities.

What do you boyscout, were you prepared?

Do you:

A) Fumble through you nightstand for that one damn prophylactic you know you left in there somewhere.

B) Say, "Nah, babe. But I'm good to go!" (GAME OVER)

Or are player enough to go with option "C"?

C) Bust out your Game Boy themed condoms case and hop on that honey like Mario on a Goomba?!

I think the answer is pretty obvious! Now the only tough decision is what game to go with, with such classics as Donkey Schlong, Sextris and The Long End of Zelda the choice is yours!

Game on, player! Game on!

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