Thursday, July 8, 2010


Source: Popular Science

It is official; modern robotics has finally reached perfection because you sure as hell can't beat this!

Let me introduce you the Willow Garage Robot. This little champ has been successful at mundane tasks, and has even proven itself a proficient pool shark but it has now found it's primary directive: getting your lazy biomass housed!

Just place your order via a web interface, hit the "Beer Me" button and just sit back and wait for your Robo-waiter to deliver you a cold brew.

Enjoy perfection:

Hell, he'll even crack it open for you if you request it! Although I think the Beer-bot either hasn't quite mastered the technique quite yet, or he just shakes the beer up a bit as a general display of distaste for humanity.

It is a hot day here, and I know many of you can respect anything that can make hydration/inebriation easier is only a step forward for humanity ...

Until Skynet goes online, of course.

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