Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robot Border Patrol

Source: Popular Science

No it isn't US/Mexico, hell it isn't even the US/Canada border we are talking about here! It is in a little place between South Korea and its neighbor to the North (North Korea, FYI) known as the DMZ.

South Korea has recently unleashed not one, but two killer sentry robots to patrol the area between the two countries Korea. Each robot cost $334,000 but they have some serious hardware, just looking for an excuse to decimate some commies, such as fully automatic weapons and 40-millimeter grenade launchers.

Before you run to the hills and barricade yourself in for the Robocalypse these robots are not fully autonomous, and when a potential threat is encountered a real live operator makes the final kill/let live call.

I would try to do the humane thing and warn the North Koreans about the robo-twins of death, but they are a simple people who don't have fancy things like the internet ... or electricity.

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