Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apple Gets In Your Face

Source: Apple Insider

That’s right, Apple just applied for a patent on a new dock for your iPhone that you wear on your face like some kind of ridiculous View-Master or what Apple likes to call a "Head-Mounted Display Apparatus for Retaining a Portable Electronic Device with Display." Look at those patent plans at the right. Ok, now stop laughing for a second and consider the following:

  • Why?
  • Is this legit?
  • When can I get mine?
  • Again, Why?

As for the why, Apple is not satisfied with any current head mounted devices and feels this new model will both be easier to wield and do away with redundant features. Yup, this should do the trick.

As for the legitimacy of this patent upon further inspection it was announced on April 1st … not exactly the best time to unveil new products. But I would not put it past Apple to apply for a patent on this technology, as unnecessary as it may seem now, for its future applications.

If you are asking yourself, “These are totally rad, dude! Where can I get my hands on the hardware?” Then all I have to say to you is the 80’s called and they said they want to hang out on Friday and maybe see that new Schwarzenegger flick. Or you can just pick up some of these bad boys!

And in case you (like me and probably every other sane mind) are still wondering why, can you imagine somebody wearing this monstrosity on their face? I just hope these are real so I can watch Steve Job’s try to make these look cool.

Nota Bene: According to these extremely detailed plans the iPhone goes through the bridge of your nose. So is rhinoplasty covered in the warranty or what?

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