Monday, July 26, 2010

Dead Space 2 in January

Dead Space 2

Source: Kotaku

Did you experience the first Dead Space game?

I did, and I can vividly recount my first experience with the SciFi horror/first person shooter. It was well past midnight, it was a Tuesday so the dorms were pretty dead but the Dead Space Dismemberment Demo had just finished d-loading to my PS3. What would follow was two hours of screaming like a little girl while repeatedly playing the 10 minute demo.


Well I may get to re-experience that magic when Dead Space 2 hits shelves January 25th next year.

The sequel, that is still in production, is looking pretty damn awesome. For fans of the first game these pictures will raise all sorts of questions, but we will have to wait a while before these queries will be answered.


Zero G's

Say hello to my little glowy friend!

Hurry up January! I got me some alien monsters to decapitate!

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