Thursday, July 1, 2010

Idiot-Proof Batteries

Source: Gizmodo

We have all been there, fumbling around with our positives and our negatives.

Sometimes it is the simplest of tasks that can suck out all of your patience. Replacing the batteries can be a real b*tch, but Microsoft has given us a glimmer of a future where it doesn't matter what end goes which way with the creation of its new InstaLoad batteries.

This newly patented technology uses a new contact design that will make having to remember which way the batteries go into your remote a unmissed pastime. InstaLoad batteries will come in all of the usual flavors: AA, AAA, D, C and even CR123 (What the hell are those used for?!)

Finally, Microsoft is thinking about the little guy!

UPDATE: CR123 are lithium batteries, man that was bothering me ...

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