Thursday, July 1, 2010

Redbox Dabbles in Video Games

Source: Home Media Magazine

It is a cautious start, but Redbox now not only rents out DVDs and some Blu-rays but a very limited catalog of video games as well.

Last week Redbox started experimenting with $2 a night game rentals in about 150 kiosks Austen, TX as well as lukewarm efforts in Reno, NV and Wilmington, NC. If you are in one of these localities and are a gamer who rents it may behoove to check this out.

The success or failure of these limited rentals may dictate how and if Redbox decides to make a major video game push. I think Redbox has every intention on adding video games to its wares in the near future, regardless of how these trial runs turn out, as video game rentals is big business racking in about $10 billion dollars annually.

The key to adding video games to the Redbox kiosks is simply a matter of space economy. These entertainment vending machines can only hold so much, and video games will need to be able to earn their place inside of them. If DVDs and Blu-rays can earn more then games simply will not be included.

It has been a while since I actually rented a game (I can't tell you how many times I forced my mom to rent Battletoads/Double Dragon for the NES back in the day) but is $2 a day too steep? Or do you guys feel that is fairly reasonable?

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